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Uphil Rush

Get ready for some extreme waterslide action in the world’s craziest water park simulator! Survive as long as you can as you perform crazy stunts and blast through everything in your path! Whizz and bounce through rollercoaster-style corkscrews, loops and more! You’ll brave incredible water parks and dominate some seriously insane tracks. This is more than just fun in the sun… Have you got the skills to make it to the finish line in this epic, thrill-filled ride?

While working on Uphill Rush I mostly focus on getting the new character assets working in the game; Rigging, skinning, setting up the prefabs and making sure that the artists vision work in the game. I work closely together with the artists and the programmers to make sure all the characters work as they should!


These are some of the characters and rides I’ve included in the game. The models were provided by the artists, which I then added to the centralized library where all the characters where collected.  All characters shared a single rig, and followed the same general proportions.  Since all characters could use all the rides, the animations were added to this centralized rig so all the characters were immediately prepared for all the rides.  Due to this centralized workflow a new characters could be taken from a 3D model to working in game within an hour, skinned, rigged and animated.