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Truck Driver

Climb in your cabin, rev up your engine and hit the road in Truck Driver! Fuel up and cruise through a vast open world in one of the most beautiful machines known to man. Start off as a contractor and work your way up by taking on jobs, earning money and making a name for yourself amongst the local community. Buy your own trucks, get new parts and hurtle down the roads! Do you have what it takes to become a respected Truck Driver?

Truck Driver is the project I’m currently working on, with a wide array of tasks. Setting up assets and asset workflows, automating artist workflows, adding character models, processing the truck models to make sure they work in the game and making them work are just some of the tasks I have in this project!

To limit the manual labor we worked on an automated importer workflow, allowing a model to be automatically processed into a driving truck. This automated workflow was extended into every corner of the game, allowing the Artist to quickly and efficiently see their work in-game.

While this was an important aspect, I was also the technical support for the Level Designers. Whether there were problems with Unity or Plugins, or the scenes were not ideally optimized, I always provided support where I could.