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Pocket Cowboys

It’s always high noon in Dry Brush and standoffs are abound. Saddle up as you bust your posse out of jail and assemble the most wanted gang in this lawless, untamed frontier!  Collect and upgrade 10 unique character classes like the Sniper, Demolitionist, and Trapper, unlocking their skills and equipping gear. Go on killstreaks to earn wanted status, boosting your rewards, but beware as it also increases the bounty on your head! Who will become the most wanted cowboy and who will be pushing up daisies? This town ain’t big enough for all of them!

I worked on Pocket Cowboys during its pre-production where I helped the programmers and the artists by setting up an automated asset pipeline for the character models and rigs. This allowed any model to be instantly separated into the animations, models and rig while setting them up correctly in Unity with no extra work. This also included several checks to see if naming convention, arts conventions and asset setup were followed. This vastly reduced the overhead for both artist and programmer while increasing the control over the assets.