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Rigging & Skinning

One of my major focus point is rigging and skinning characters or other 3D models. In both 3DS Max, Maya or blender, I’ve rigged and skinned a decent amount of 3D models. Some can be seen here;

Private project: The Morser 16

A personal project where I wanted to create, rig and animate a Mech inspired by the Dieselpunk aesthetic. Completely done in Maya, and redone in Blender.

Uphill Rush

While working at triangle Studio’s I made and maintained rigs for the mobile game Uphill Rush. The rigs needed to be maintained between various satellite games and had te be highly compatible, while being lightweight enough to work on mobile games. A standard humanoid rig formed the basis, upon which various rigid bodies and IK systems where added in unity to give the character a lively and exiting feeling.