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Martijn Wouterse - C# Developer & Technical Artist

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About me


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curriculum vitae

I’m a junior Technical Artist and C# developer who is always looking for new opportunities. For some years now I’ve been active in the gaming industry as a facilitator for both artists and programmers. Keeping on top of workflows, making other peoples work shine as it should and making everyone’s live easier is what I love to do. Besides that I’ve got a bunch of hobby’s I’m passionate about and plenty of other stuff to keep me busy.


Below are my hard skills, from absolute beginner to expert level. Besides these I have plenty of experience in working with a team with both programmers and other artists due to my previous experiences. Besides this I’m also always looking to improve my existing skills or to gain new skills.

Blender – experienced – Blender has been my primary 3D package for 2 years, during which I used it professionally to create assets for mobile and multi-platform games.


3D Studio Max – Intermediate – 3D Studio Max was the first 3D package I’ve used and I’ve kept my knowledge of it up to date.


Autodesk Maya – Intermediate –Maya was the second 3D package I picked up, and is the one I worked on during my student years.  I’ve kept my knowledge of it up to date.


Substance Painter & Substance Designer – Intermediate – Working with both Substance Designer and Substance Painter for over 3 years has made me experience with using, making and optimizing PBR assets.


Xnormal – Intermediate – Xnormal has been my goto piece of software for baking all kind of maps and features heavily in my workflows.


 Unity – Experienced – Unity has been my core engine for over 2 years. During this time I’ve used it professionally for multiple projects in an team environment. Optimization, asset control and workflow management were my primary tasks when working with unity.

c# – Beginner – While I’ve only been practicing c# for an hour each morning for half a year, it has already allowed me to communicate better with other team members and perform simple optimizations to workflows.


In my free time I try to keep a balance between various hobby’s. Here are some of my interests;

I’ve been playing videogames since I can remember; RTS, God games and RPG’s have always been my favorites. Not only playing these but also studying them or modding them have always been a hobby for me.



Painting miniatures has been my standard method of relaxing for years. I even enjoy it so much I’ve started to produce my own 32mm Miniatures, for use in stuff like Dungeons & Dragons.



Tabletop RPG’s are a great way to spend some time with friends. With weekly sessions I know several systems by heart. And as a game master my storytelling skills have vastly improved.




“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Martijn for two years at Triangle Studios. Martijn has performed tech-art and artist roles for games such as Real Farm, Truck Driver and Uphill Rush.

He’s a very dedicated and relieable employee who does not shy away from taking on a new challenges that most other people would consider to be outside their comfort zone.

Martijn is a very social person who easily interacts with his collegues. Because of his can-do attitude, Martijn is a great influence to his co-workers. He’s a great person to have around, and I can whole heartedly recommend his services to anyone.”

Remco de Rooij, CEO at Triangle Studios

Contact me

If you have an opportunity or project for which you think I’m a good fit, let me know! I’m always looking for new possibilities.